Grant wishes on demand through beautifully simple in-app messaging.

Get to know your customers

Lobby Boy works with SupportKit to create two way conversations with your customers so that you can offer any product or service for sale. Use Lobby Boy to answer your customers questions, understand their needs and get them exactly what they want.

Tap to Buy

Once you've identified a product or service your customer needs, you can set a price for it and offer it to your customer. These offers are displayed directly in the conversation and show up both in your app and on the user's Apple Watch. Lobby Boy integrates with Stripe so that with a single tap, your users can buy the product or service you're offering and get back to their day.

Works the way you do

Speak to your customers using Slack, E-Mail or your favourite CRM. SupportKit's versatile in-app messaging platform allows you to manage communication, effortlessly.

Open source, so you can build

Visit our Github repository to learn more about how Lobby Boy works so that you can start building on-demand, conversational commerce features into your own app.

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